Foods That Fight Belly Fat

Belly fat is a major cause of frustration among youths and people are prone to develop belly fat because most of the people work in corporate and MNC’s sitting for 9 to 10 hours at one place. The first thing which they observe is an increase in waistline, a ponch tends to hang when people wear pants or jeans. Changing food habits can help you cut the flab and get rid of belly fat. People have a tendency to consume a lot of wheat products where they feel replacing white flour can help them lose weight, but it is a myth.

Research states that wheat eaters consume more calories. Carbs also develop cravings so it needs to be balanced as well. High protein is the magic ingredient to fight belly fat. Combining fruits and vegetables in a proper way can help you lose weight and keep you healthy as well. So, there are 7 foods which can help you fight belly fat and you must analyze your diet before giving a kick start to your diet plan.


This fruit has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that fight cancer and amino acid lecithin which helps to balance weight and prevents liver overload. It also balances the level of cholesterol in the body and prevents strokes and heart attacks.


It is a saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away which and while dieting apples help one to lose weight. It is a natural and healthy weight loss weight as apples are low in sodium and fat. It also has fiber and necessary minerals and vitamins which keeps the body healthy. Sodium fights water retention in the fat. The enzymes present in apple increase the digestion of the food.


Quinoa is a unique grain food which has a texture similar to that of rice. It is a wonderful source of protein and also has healthy carbs. It keeps you full and helps to avoid unnecessary cravings. It is also rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, etc. It is a vegetarian diet which is perfect for weight watchers. It is a rich diet which also provides the necessary amino acids to the body present in meat and eggs. It reduces hunger and keeps you healthy.

Green Tea

Research and several studies have revealed the benefit of taking green tea for losing excess fat. It will give you an edge to lose weight and taking 3 to 4 cups a day is beneficial for losing extra weight. It increases your metabolism and ability to lose weight.


Watermelon is a wonderful addition to your weight loss plan. During summer this is a healthy option which keeps you full and satisfied. It is low in calories and have a high content of water. It also has properties of vitamin C, and lycopene and its seeds can be used as a snack which can be roasted before consumption. It will help you maintain the energy as well.


Eating vegetables is a great way to lose belly as they are rich in minerals, nutrients, fiber and have a good amount of water content as well. Vegetables can fight the hunger pangs and keep you fit. Broccoli, spinach, collard greens and leeks, beans and carrots are great for losing weight which will keep you full throughout the day. Cards are released slowly in broccoli which keeps you full of energy and sprouts have a lot of fiber. Spinach is also high in fiber and o not cause water retention. You can eat them cooked or raw.

Egg Whites

Egg whites are great for losing weight and improves blood sugar metabolism. Egg white is hard to digest which helps in burning more calories. If egg whites are eaten without carbs then the fat loss process is increased as the egg whites secrete more of glycogen which are terrific to enhance fat loss.

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