Five Super Foods to Control Hair Fall

The sight of several strands of your hair at the bottom of the shower or on the ground is not less than a horror movie. It is equally frightful to wake up in the morning with a nightmare of you going bald. Well as a matter of fact if we do not take proper care of ourselves and our lovely tresses we might be at the tragic end of losing them. No doubt that bald is also a new style statement but losing your hair in high volumes at a young age is an alarming situation. It is better in such situations to avoid medicines and include foods such as fish, eggs, beans, raisins, bean sprouts, seafood and potatoes for preventing hair loss.

1. Foods with Zinc

Zinc is an essential nutrient that promotes growth of hair. It is believed to play a pivotal role in the cell reproduction and hormonal balance. But one of its most important functions is of managing glands which are attached to your hair follicles. This means if you diet is not rich in zinc, there is a tendency the follicles will be weak and lead to breaking off or falling out of your hair. So do not take direct zinc supplements but rather include foods such as fishes, shrimps and oysters to prevent hair loss.

2. Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the best foods to include in your diet for controlling hair loss. Try to include the skin of the vegetable too. When it comes to potatoes do not go out and opt for greasy fast food. Instead try do make a healthy and nutritious burger or french fries by baking potato slices and seasoning them with various flavoured ingredients.

3. Protein Rich Diet

One of the most important nutrients that aids in the growth of hair is protein. Hence fairly it is important to eat a protein rich diet. But a heavy protein and high fat diet will not do extraordinary wonders to your hair too. Infact it can lead to high testosterone levels and further hair loss. So keep yourself to leaner proteins such as fish, calf’s liver, low fat cheese, almonds, yogurt, chicken, brewer’s yeast, eggs and beans. They will help improve and maintain healthy growth of your hair.

4. Foods with Iron

Iron is an important component that aids in the production of hemoglobin which carries oxygen to the various organs and tissues of the body. Only if the hemoglobin is in the required quantity will the oxygen be properly dispersed. This also translates into proper circulation of blood in your scalp which will help improve your hair fall. For a balanced amount of iron in your diet, you should opt for foods such as raisins, dates, cherry juice and whole grain cereals.

5. Foods with Silica

Eating foods such as bean sprouts, red and green peppers and cucumbers helps in preventing hair loss. All such foods have high nutritional value if consumed in the raw form rather than cooked. Basically these contain silica which helps the body to absorb nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. Without silica, absorption of such nutrients for better growth of hair is not possible. Vitamins aid in the production of sebum which is essential to avoid frequent breaking off of hair.

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