Contagious Diseases

Diseases which are caused by transmission of germs from an affected person to another through direct contact are known as contagious diseases. All infectious diseases are not contagious but all contagious diseases are infectious. Direct physical contact or coming to handshaking distance to a person who is already suffering from an infection that is contagious can result in the germs being directly transmitted into the person coming into contact. These diseases can also be transmitted through using anything which had already been sued by an affected person.


Contagious diseases are caused by transmission of virus or bacteria from an affected person to another through air, using objects handled by the patient, saliva, sexual intercourse, kissing and other means of direct contact. Those who have weak immunization are most prone to these diseases.

Some Common Contagious Diseases

Among the most common types of contagious diseases are:

Chicken Pox

Red rashes appear all over the body which at times is in form of blisters containing a liquid substance and are exuded in due course. High fever, loss of appetite, stomach pain and headache are symptoms of this disease which generally affects children.

Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Weakly immunized persons are affected most by this bacterial infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria which is transmitted from an affected person through inhalation of droplets breathed out. This contagious disease is airborne and results in coughing phlegm or blood, fever, night sweating, weight loss and fatigue.


When droplets of saliva containing the mumps virus is sneezed out by an affected person and is carried by air into the body of another person, causing inflammation of the salivary glands and weakness and fatigue, the disease is called mumps. Although in most cases it is resolved without treatment, complications may include encephalitis, deafness and miscarriage. Using objects such as utensils that have been contaminated by the virus may be one of the prime causes of this contagious disease.


This is one of the most common contagious diseases affecting the eyes. In most cases this disease, caused by either virus or bacteria, is the result of coming near to or direct contact with a person suffering from conjunctivitis. A burning sensation along with itching and watery discharge from the eyes is associated with this disease.


Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease which attacks the buttocks, anus and other genital organs and sometimes can affect the face and mouth where it is severe, caused by type 1 virus.


Coming into contact with a person suffering from influenza may result in the germs being transmitted, causing coughing, nasal congestion, fatigue and fever.

Other Diseases

Other common contagious diseases include measles, tonsillitis, swine flu, meningitis, which are all causes of direct contact.


Medication through use of antibiotics is the only treatment for this types of disease, but as prevention is better than cure, avoiding coming into direct contact with infected persons is the safest way to prevent being attacked by any of the contagious diseases.

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